System Implementation

Because of the fear of possible failure, many organizations continue to run their organization with antiquated or outdated software and processes rather than attempt a new software implementation.

Bizztec Mitigates This Risk By

  • No large upfront capital investment required - Payable in affordable monthly fees
  • Customization – Because the software is proprietary to Bizztec customization is extremely flexible - no ‘work-arounds’ are required
  • Ongoing training and support – A dedicated professional Account Manager is assigned to each account who is a key participant at all times.
  • System implementation – An experienced project manager is assigned to a new account. The function of this manager is to run the full implementation to guarantee client satisfaction. No project is too big or too small All projects are managed as follows

  • Business Requirements
    This is the project initiation document. It records the goals and targets of the implementation and the quality measurements. This is an expression of broad outcomes of what the business requires, rather than specific functions the system may perform. Specific functionality of our software is outside the scope of this document.
  • Functional requirements
    This documents what our system must do in order to fulfill the business requirements
  • User requirements
    This is a very important part of the deliverables; the need of the client is correctly and clearly interpreted.
  • Quality-of-service requirements
    These requirements that do not perform a specific function for the business requirement but are needed to support the functionality. For example: performance, scalability, quality of service (QoS), security and usability
  • Implementation (transition) requirements
    A carefully developed implementation plan is essential to achieving the business goals and benefits to be gained from the implementation.
  • Report specifications
    Define customized real-time report requirements and predetermine rollout priority.