When your information is collected, rest assured that we will only use that information to maintain commercial relations and communicate with you, meet legal and regulatory requirements, provide you with services and products, and administer and manage our business operations.

As our customer, our priority is keeping your information safe and secure.

How are we protecting your private information?

In order to protect the information that you have entrusted us with we utilize firewalls and data encryption. This hardware firewall prevents unauthorized access to and from our servers. The information that you submit to us is protected behind this security measure.

We use encryption to ensure data privacy by adding a level of security to the data packets of information being exchanged between our servers and our customers. An intercepted encrypted message makes it impractical for the interceptors to understand the contents of the message itself. Our servers support both 40-bit data encryption and 128-bit data encryption system standard on all 4.x or greater browsers. We recommend you use 128-bit encryption as it provides an exponentially higher level of data encryption.

When you log into the system from our website you will see the Secure Site Seal. This assures online customers that our Web business is legitimate and authentic and that all financial transactions with our site are secured by SSL encryption. You will also see a lock (icon) appear in the status bar of your Internet browser window. When you visit a secure Web site, it automatically sends you it’s certificate, and Internet Explorer displays a lock icon in the status bar.

Our customers come first. We are here to help you. If you have any question about the security of the information you submit through this website, please contact us.