Financial Management

Cash Flow Management

  • Prepare cash flow budgets and projections.
  • Measure actual cash flow against projected cash flow and investigate any variances.
  • Maximize utilization of supplier terms.
  • Efficient collection of customer balances owing.
  • Close scrutiny of inventory levels and slow moving stock to ensure cash is not tied up unnecessarily in inventory.

Cost Control

  • Measure budgeted costs against actual costs and investigate any variances.
  • Detailed monthly analysis of costs to identify excessive spending trends.
  • Continually negotiate controllable costs such as merchant fees, bank fees, interest payable, etc.


  • Our software enables us to easily and seamlessly integrate with the payroll provider of your choice
  • We will manage your payroll and maintain your payroll records.
  • We will calculate deductions, pay your employees, and remit your source deductions to the appropriate government agency

Financially Distressed Companies

  • Company re-structuring
  • Creditor negotiation on amounts due and prices charged
  • Collect all monies due
  • Cost reduction. Eliminate non-essential costs and reduce essential costs where possible
  • Identify non-profitable products
  • Identify non-profitable customers
  • Review gross margin percentages per product
  • Negotiate with lenders to reduce interest and extend payment periods to make repayments affordable
  • Revise business model and budgets