What is the Bizztec Accounting Software Solution?

Running your entire business with Bizztec's online accounting solution means NO upfront investment in hardware or software. All you need is a browser! Bizztec is the leading provider of Web-based Accounting and Business Management Solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

Bizztec is a full function accounting and ERP system which has been built from the ground up specifically for the Internet

Our powerful Bizztec software is designed with one thing in mind - to give you optimal control of your business without the need to have any knowledge of bookkeeping or technology; it’s simple, anyone can do it. We help businesses of all types and sizes to gain control of their finances, internal controls, cash flow and profits – all in real-time

Our intuitive accounting software helps you organise the flow of your business in an orderly manner and to work smarter for improved efficiencies, greater flexibility and, of course, bigger profits. We deliver what you need to improve how, when and where you use critical business information – all with minimal need to key in data.

Featuring easy-to-use modules and real-time reporting Bizztec brings all your business operations into one, easy-to-use accounting solution. From automated Purchase Orders, real-time Inventory Control, Online Point of Sale system to full function accounting software, and every business function in between, we put the total control of your business right at your fingertips.

Bizztec accounting requires no software to be download or any special hardware to be purchased. All you need is an internet connection – nothing more. Our accounting software resides on our servers and is made available to the user at an affordable monthly fee. There are no upfront cash investments needed. Our full service help desk is included in the monthly fee – we are effectively your IT and accounting partners at no additional cost.

Our extremely flexible user permissions allow access to any number of users - from viewing a single report to full administration privileges – and anything in-between.

Bizztec is the only Web based ERP accounting solution that combines all business operations into a Unified Database System, in real time and online which includes Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Service, Operations and Finance. Cloud Computing SaaS (software as a service) by Bizztec accounting means no upfront investment in servers, software licensing or maintenance for your enterprise resource planning (ERP).

If You

  • Have multiple users who need to access and update financial data in real time from any location anywhere in the world
  • Have remote branches, departments or businesses that need to operate from one database
  • Have outsourced your accounting solution
  • Want to share real-time information and collaborate securely from any location
  • Need access to your current data while away from the office
  • Do not want to be continually paying for accounting software or upgrades
  • Need to have daily automatic backup
  • Require free professional support
  • Are accountants, bookkeepers or consultants
  • Are software developers who need an accounting platform to integrate with your software

Bizztec accounting software has taken full advantage of the benefits of modern technology and passed them onto the user. We deliver a quality product at the right price and have the flexibility to be customized for any user’s specific needs.