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Customizations | BIZZTEC


Bizztec will always give you the business solution that does exactly what you want!! No job is too big or too small for us. Our Bizztec platform has been developed to integrate any number of diverse applications to give the user a seamless system that works for them. There will never be a need for ‘work-arounds’ for Bizztec users. No-one understands our software better than us.

Bizztec’s Core Competencies

  • Operational Analysis - Integration of your systems will directly lead to smoother operations horizontally and vertically within your organization. Overcome dead ends and fragmented divisions through an intelligent, dependable infrastructure.
  • Data Entry - You can determine how data is entered and displayed. Bizztec will eliminate tedious input procedures, and display information the way that you want it to be seen. The entire procedure is tailored to the way you like it - reducing confusion, time and effort in analysing your vital data.
  • Data Availability - Eliminate costly errors such as multiple entry, inconsistencies and data manipulation delays - Bizztec will allow your data to be available to everyone who needs it, immediately and without compromise.
  • Reporting - get your data live and direct! Real time data streaming and capturing capability can give you vital information about your business immediately. Automate tedious tasks, generate professional reports, and gather statistics the easy way. Reduce your administrative costs by improving report consistency.